This bold selection is sure to strike a chord.  It starts with an upfront aroma that reminds you of a fragrant walk in the vineyard at harvest time.  Your first taste then returns you to a simpler time when the jug was filled from Nonno Joe’s basement barrel.

A perfect combination of Fredonia and Steuben grapes, this sweet dark red is sure to take you back to good memories and put a smile on your face!   Don’t be shy, relax with Lazy Daze.

Vino Buono!  Grazie, Nonno !


Winemaker’s Notes:

  • Sweet – Residual Sugar 6.5 %
  • Pair it with a reuben cheese dip
  • $10.95



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Lazy Daze Reuben Dip Recipe

– 2 pkg. Corned Beef
– 8 oz. ( 2 cups ) Shredded Swiss Cheese
– 4 oz. ( 1 cup ) Shredded Cheddar Cheese
– 8 oz. can Sauerkraut – drained
– 1/2 cup  Mayonnaise
– Squirt Mustard

1. Mix together.
2. Put in casserole dish in oven for 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees.
3. Serve on pumpernickel squares.  And don’t forget the Lazy Daze !

How’s that for Lazy?