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Looking for something new and exciting?   Barjo Bons wines offer you both.

Barjo Bons (“Crazy Friends”)  offers you a selection of fun wines sure to set the right mood for you and your friends.   How can you miss with selections like Radiance, Dazzle, First Kiss, and Ruby’s Rouge and Lazy Daze?  And don’t forget that Chocopelli offers you fine wine and yummy milk chocolate paired in one glass!

Stop in and try them all at our Barjo Bons tasting bar.  Crazy !

Join the Barjo Bons Club Today!

The Barjo Bons Club is a group of “Crazy Friends” coming together to relax and enjoy a classy happy hour with special events once a month January through June from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Each year the Barjo Bons Club also enjoys a “Crush Fest” in September, which consists of a hands-on wine processing experience.

Membership is free. To become a member simply sign up here (“New Barjo Bons Club Member” in the subject line) or stop in the winery before an event. A membership card will be issued at the event.  Once a member, you will enjoy free entry to all Barjo Bons events, opportunities to win prizes and a 15% discount on wine bottle purchase at events.

NB:  The Barjo Bons Club is a membership organization.    Members receive a membership card and member number.   All are welcome – Guests are charged a $ 5.00 cover charge and may then join for free.

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